of Programs
    We are giving a variety of classes, always our basic yoga and
    mindfulness -- a combination of movement, breathing, and stillness along
    with guidance and sharing opportunity.  Beyond that, we tailor the class to
    the age, condition, gender and any special needs of the students.  
       Homestead Correctional Institution  F
         Sundays  9 am-noon

         Dade Correctional Institution  M, psychiatric
         Sundays  2-5 pm

       Everglades Re-Entry Center  M
         Fridays 3-4:30 pm bi-monthly

       Everglades Correctional Institution  M
         Wednesdays  9-11 am

        Metro West Detention Center  M/F
         Fridays  5 pm and 7 pm

       TGK Detention Center  M/F psychiatric, F trustees
          Wednesdays 3-6 pm, 6 pm

       TGK Detention Center  T youth   7 pm (pending)

       Miami Boot Camp   M/F maximum age 24
         (a comprehensive prison-alternative program)
         Mondays six weeks 4 pm

       Juvenile Justice Detention Center  M/Fyouth
         Tues and Thrs 4-6 pm, Sats 9:30 am

       Meditation Retreats
         (held periodically in prisons)

    In the future we hope open more classes.  We welcome any referrals to
    other jails, shelters, youth homes, recovery centers or places in need.  



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