Other Groups

    Yoga and mindfulness is now being used in
    rehabilitation programs all over the World.  They have
    been a great inspiration for us. You may want to
    contact them for materials or advice. Here are a few:

    HUMAN KINDNESS FOUNDATION    humankindness.org
    Founded in 1972 by the pioneering Bo and Sita Lozoff  (919) 383-5160.  
    Books, newsletter, letter writing. Always kind and helpful.

    PRISON DHARMA NETWORK  prisonmindfulness.org  Buddhist group
    Excellent training manual, links, useful resource page. Good people.

    YOGA GANGSTERS  yogagangsters.org
    Training volunteers for schools and at risk youth. Miami based!

    PHOENIX PRISON TRUST  theppt.org.uk
    Huge group in UK. Very inspiring archive of past newsletters -- Must see

“You may think that only you are
a prisoner, but other people are
also prisoners.

You are in a small prison, but
others are in the big prison
outside.  When will they be

Think that you are a yogi and that
you are pursuing your sadhana in
this particular place and at this
particular moment.

Immediately, you will experience
great joy.  If you change your
understanding, you will be free in a

~ Baba Muktananda